With Rosetta’s preservation and digital asset management solution, libraries can preserve and showcase their collection of assets, from born-digital to digitized, in a collaborative and simplified way.

Ex Libris begins a multi-year project to migrate Rosetta, a digital asset preservation solution to the higher education cloud platform. With Rosetta on the cloud platform, it will be easier for libraries of all sizes to preserve, maintain, and showcase their collection of digital assets in one place. For expert users, Rosetta will offer unparalleled flexibility, letting libraries customize preservation processes to their specific needs while maintaining top-level security. Get in touch for more information.

The only complete digital asset management (DAM) and preservation solution

Eliminate duplicate processes and administration and maintain data consistency. Rosetta fully consolidates siloed digital asset management and preservation operations in one unified solution.

Business-logic-driven workflows

Define your own rules and workflows to meet current and evolving business needs. Rosetta’s business logic engine provides flexible and advanced configuration options.

Open platform – flexible, customizable and extendable

Rosetta is a truly open platform. Extend Rosetta’s core functionalities and integrate with third-party solutions and tools, using Rosetta’s wealth of APIs, plug-ins and open interfaces.

Highly scalable – handling your ever-growing collections

Rosetta provides a scalable infrastructure that addresses the need to preserve and manage ever-growing digital collections. You can start with a small-scale institutional architecture and expand the solution as needed.

Product Highlights



Preservation and risk management built according to leading industry preservation standards such as the Open Archival Information System (OAIS), PREMIS, and METS


Knowledge base of formats

Community-driven Format Library knowledge base provides information about formats, applications, technical metadata extractors, and risks


Variety of viewers

Rosetta provides many of out-of-the-box delivery viewers and allows you to easily add new viewers, increasing accessibility for your users


Storage neutrality

Rosetta’s built-in Storage Abstraction Layer protects your storage investment and fully leverages your investment in existing storage solutions


Fast time-to-value

Start benefiting from Rosetta from day one, with out-of-the-box configurations and pre-installed tools and extensions


Consortium support

Rosetta provides a simple and cost-effective solution for consortia, allowing institutions to share resources and workflows while maintaining full data segregation


Something we really value

as TIB with Rosetta,

is the community

that comes with it.


Micky Lindlar, Digital Preservation Team Lead & Technical Analyst ,
TIB - Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology


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