Research Information
Management Solution

Showcase research
and expertise

The Esploro research information management solution drives research impact and improves efficiencies. It breaks down data silos, linking comprehensive scholarly information across all academic disciplines, including STEM, Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts.

Esploro makes it easy to showcase faculty work and find subject matter experts to help secure more funding, enhance collaborations, attract talented researchers, and boost your institution’s reputation. The wealth of information in Esploro is available for other systems as well, facilitating activity reporting, tenure processes, and national assessment projects, while minimizing the time spent on manual data entry.

Move beyond the traditional repository

Esploro brings institutional research work into one place and links everything. It showcases scholarly information such as publications, preprints, datasets, creative works, awarded grants, projects, and media mentions. Data is captured automatically from various virtual sources or semi-automatically via deposits by researchers, librarians, or assistants.

Put researchers in the spotlight

Make your research shine with beautiful-looking profiles that are automatically created and updated. Esploro lets you populate researcher profiles in a breeze, share the scholarly works to Google Scholar and ORCID, and make publications rank higher on Google and other search engines.

Get a complete picture, with data you can trust

Esploro provides you visibility into research activities and actionable insights. Get an accurate view of faculty publications, understand who researchers collaborate with, visualize performance, and identify research that impacts public programs and policies. All without tedious manual data entry.

Accelerate access to research funding

Esploro integrates with Pivot-RP, the most comprehensive source for research grants. Provide researchers with quick access to funding opportunities matching their areas of expertise and enrich their profiles with information on grants they’ve been awarded in the past.

Product Highlights


Research Information Hub

Capturing multiple types of scholarly information, activities and entities in one place, and linking everything


Smart Harvesting

Creating a full and accurate representation of research output and data of affiliated researchers using AI and machine learning


Researcher Profiles

Auto-generating and updating researcher profiles with publications, expertise, affiliations, awarded grants, identifiers and media mentions



Collecting rich data and metrics for insights and benchmarks across researchers, units, and institutions, and making them available for other systems



Leveraging the Ex Libris higher-ed cloud platform for seamless workflows, with open APIs and out-of-the-box integrations with the academic ecosystem.


Research Portal

Showcasing researchers, publications, data sets, media mentions and more in a customizable, user-friendly portal accessible from any website or global search engine.


With Esploro, we’re going to
be able to give a researcher
a profile, do a search and
harvest automatically.
That’s going to be magic.”


Margaret Pembroke, Library Systems and Copyright Librarian,
Southern Cross University

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