Esploro Researcher

Showcase institutional talent
and reduce the burden
on researchers

Esploro researcher profiles showcase the full depth and breadth of faculty expertise, facilitating collaborations, attracting funders and enhancing the institution’s academic reputation. Profiles can be automatically populated with the best up-to-date information on publications, awarded grants, achievements and academic activities, reducing the workload of researchers, research administrators and librarians.

Smart profiles: accurate, complete and up to date

Researcher profiles from all disciplines are created and continuously updated using smart harvesting AI, relieving faculty of the burden and saving time.

  • Publications, affiliations, education, honors and awards, activities, related data sets, conference proceedings, dissertations, blogs, and media mentions are all included.
  • Information is collected from multiple local and external sources, including the Ex Libris Central Index, disciplinary and national repositories, general media, and more.
  • Intelligent automation matches each scholar with their research.
  • Machine learning algorithms improve profile accuracy each time data is harvested.
  • Researchers can easily approve and edit profiles or delegate the work to proxies.
  • Quick creation of up-to-date CVs in multiple formats.

Research Portal: a showcase that gets results

The user-friendly, customizable Esploro Research Portal is where researchers, funders, industry partners and the public can discover an institution’s researchers and explore their work.

  • A user-oriented, mobile-friendly display makes it easy to find expertise, publications, and various research information.
  • Universities can point to their portal from any other website.
  • The portal can be indexed by search engines and accessed from results.
  • Configuration is versatile and self-explanatory, allowing institutions to meet their specific needs in showcasing research and researcher profiles.

Facilitating expert finder

Collaboration with other scholars and industry partnerships is easier with full, accurate and discoverable researcher profiles.

  • Up-to-date profiles in a single, searchable location.
  • SEO-friendly, making profiles and publications more easily discoverable on the web.
  • Profiles are directly linked to the researcher’s publications and work.
  • Featuring expertise and topics of research.
  • Automatic synchronization with external profiles such as ORCID.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Centralizes media references to researchers and their work.

Comprehensive analytics

Scholars and research offices can easily see how often their research outputs are viewed and downloaded with Esploro engagement metrics.

  • Cross-institutional and interdisciplinary collaborations.
  • Integrated presentation of local and third-party data.
  • Citation counts drawn from the Web of Science.
  • Includes KPIs based on altmetrics (non-traditional bibliometrics).

Data to enrich reporting systems

Information from Esploro profiles can seamlessly feed into multiple systems throughout the institution – and vice versa.

  • Enriches the data used in Faculty Activity Reporting, Research Administration systems and more.
  • Integration with other systems through open APIs.
  • Direct and automated data exports.
  • Integration with Ex Libris Pivot-RP makes it possible to connect awarded grants and publications.

Simplify the search for funding

Researchers can easily discover funding opportunities directly from within their personal Esploro profiles to streamline the research funding workflow.

  • Information on available sources of research funding is pulled from Pivot-RP.
  • Funding opportunities are displayed according to the researcher’s Pivot-RP ID, for personalized results that match the researcher’s area of expertise.
  • Displayed results can be filtered according to the funding organization.
  • Allows the research office to expose researchers to funding opportunities through additional channels.