to Researchers

The saying “communication is key” is true. In the competitive environment to find funding for research, discovering and communicating about funding opportunities is key to both individual and institutional success. Pivot-RP provides many tools for research administrators to deliver results. With the creation of a communication plan and the tools found in Pivot-RP, research offices can efficiently and effectively support the research community at their institution. Pivot-RP enables research administrators to broaden their reach and impact. Built-in sharing tools, such as customizable newsletters, announcements and embedded links, make it easy to disseminate and communicate information about funding opportunities.
Customize Pivot-RP

Customize Pivot-RP to guide researchers to important resources

Easily customize the Pivot-RP interface to reflect your institution’s logo, branding and color scheme. These customization options will also be reflected across newsletters, funding alert emails, and internal and limited submission opportunities to help you better promote your services to faculty, researchers and other stakeholders. In addition, customize the right column with text, links and images to promote your research office. See how easy it is.

Pivot-RP Curated Lists and Searches

Curated Lists and Searches

Save researchers time and effort by presenting curated lists of funding opportunities and pre-scoped searches to guide users to the most topically relevant content for their specific research interests. Easily include links to curated lists and searches in emails, newsletters, department web pages, social media, or any other communication channels.


Pivot-RP Curated Lists and Searches


Embedded Search Results

Embed Pivot-RP funding search results directly on department or research office web pages, allowing users to see opportunities of interest without having to log in to Pivot-RP.

Pivot-RP Public Groups

Public and Private Groups

Researchers can create private groups of users to share funding information with frequent collaborators.  Admins can also set up public interest groups on any topic and make them visible to all users at their institution. Users can then self-subscribe to be included in newsletters, sharing of opportunities, and other communications that may be relevant to the group.

Pivot-RP Public Groups

Pivot-RP Newsletters


Newsletters are a great way to send highly targeted communications to specific  groups of users.  Pivot-RP administrators can scale their reach by setting-up recurring newsletters that will always deliver the most current funding opportunities to relevant audiences with minimal effort.

Pivot-RP In-App announcements

 In-app announcements

Create announcements for users at your institution that will appear at the top of the screen whenever a user logs in to Pivot-RP. This is a great way to reinforce important information about the research office or remind users about internal deadlines, resources, or procedures for apply for funding.

Pivot-RP In-App announcements

Pivot-RP Internal

Internal Funding

Add and publish internal funding opportunities, set internal deadlines, and add notes to opportunities. Users can find internal funding alongside other external funding opportunities all in the same tool.