Active Learning

with Leganto

Two Leganto features
offer more instructional value

“With Leganto’s 'social reading' functionality, libraries can show campus leaders that the library is demonstrating innovation in support of faculty who want to seize the moment.” — Carl Grant, “Thoughts from Carl Grant”

The Ex Libris Leganto® course resource list solution enables instructors to easily build resource lists consisting of all types of materials and to monitor student engagement. Librarians use Leganto services to provide students with easy access to resources, to track resource usage, and to develop collections that facilitate and foster teaching and learning.

In addition, the Leganto solution supports active learning through features that encourage students to engage with their course materials in a meaningful way. Students can attach comments and questions to the assigned content in collaboration with peers and can respond to instructors’ reading prompts.

Turn on active learning features to:
  • Enhance Instructor Support
  • Help instructors engage students in class materials and transform students from passive attendees to lively participants.
  • Broaden the Library’s Reach
  • Expand your impact on teaching and learning with the Leganto tool, at no additional cost and with no additional effort.
  • Log Usage and Avoid Copyright Infringement
  • Track the usage of scholarly materials, and verify that it complies with copyright regulations.
Leganto Active Learning – Watch the Demo

Support of active learning – Part of your Leganto Subscription

The best part? Leganto Social Reading and Read & Respond assignments are already included in your Leganto subscription.

Instructors can start using these features without having to worry about:

  • Complicated integrations
  • Administrative overhead
  • Copyright clearance issues

Leganto Social Reading and the Read & Respond assignment feature are easy to use, available at the click of a button.


Social Reading  

Reading course materials does not have to be a solitary experience! With the Leganto tool, students can now:

  • Share comments, questions, and feedback by marking up course materials
  • Annotate PDF files assigned by the instructor
  • Communicate ideas with classmates
  • Add private notes

Communication occurs when it’s most relevant and effective. Students are encouraged to participate and become immersed in the course content in new ways.

“With social reading students are engaged not only with the content, but with each other.” — Michael Wilder, “Active Social Reading via Leganto: A Game Changer!”



Read & Respond assignments

How can instructors tell whether students are reading and understanding their assignments? The Read & Respond assignment feature enables instructors to:

  • Leverage materials in the class’s Leganto resource list
  • Pose questions to students
  • Add comments to shared PDF files
  • Sync grades with the learning management system gradebook

Read & Respond “increases accountability among students for required readings in a course.” — Michael Wilder, “Active Social Reading via Leganto: A Game Changer!”


What’s in it for instructors?

The new Leganto features assist instructors by:

  • Strengthening student engagement — Making learning meaningful by helping students engage with the text, with fellow students, and with the instructor
  • Fostering interaction — Turning reading tasks into a collaborative, stimulating activity through annotations and discussions written directly on course materials
  • Facilitating the assessment of student work — Motivating students to complete assigned readings and gauging students’ understanding of the text
  • Supporting end-to-end teaching — Offering a single solution that enables instructors to create reading lists, seamlessly integrating learning materials, class enrollment lists, gradebooks, and more


An opportunity for the library

In addition to providing students with easy access to all course materials, the Leganto course resource list solution facilitates active learning, further expanding the library’s support for teaching and learning and for fostering student success.

Leverage the new Leganto features to:

  • Support institutional initiatives around student retention and student success
  • Provide solutions for instructors who teach remotely
  • Minimize instructor stress related to managing materials and ensuring their accessibility
  • Free instructors from the responsibility of handling compliance with copyrights and institutional policies

“These new features extend the possibilities for students in all disciplines in socially connected and powerful ways. Because of the innovations Leganto brings to the table, I now have even more reasons to recommend Leganto Resource Lists to the faculty I work with.” — Michael Wilder, “Active Social Reading via Leganto: A Game Changer!”