Library Workflows

Transforming the
Resource Sharing Experience

Rapido is a platform which simplifies and automates resource sharing between libraries as both lending and borrowing become efficient, intuitive processes, saving valuable staff time and providing users with an improved service and shorter turnaround.
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Streamlining library workflows

Easily manage a high volume of requests – Rapido’s efficient workflows will save many hours previously spent on manual, multi-step processes. Most borrowing requests can be processed without staff mediation and automatically sent to the lending library. For the exceptional cases, Rapido includes advanced mediation rules that will hold such requests for staff handling.

Focus on the important requests – Rapido has an advanced, fully customizable, requests sets menus for quick access. This can be defined for each user, with the requests they need to work on. Examples can be: New requests from today, Requests waiting for user information. Requests with a lender note, and more.

Seamlessly integrates into existing software

Built on the Ex Libris higher-ed cloud platform – For existing Alma customers Rapido implementation is as simple as setting a feature flag in their production system. No further integration such as SIS or user authentication is needed. For non-Alma customers – this means the solution is built on a stable cloud foundation that supports all the required security and privacy standards and has all the resiliency needed for a high scale product.

Less user errors – With the new shared index in discovery, all metadata for the resource and recipient are drawn from library systems by Rapido so the request can be automatically processed. This eliminates a lot of the current manual request forms which are prone to errors and missing data; resulting in a need for staff mediation.

Bring Resource Sharing to the next level

An end to end discovery to delivery solution – Rapido is much more than a standalone resource sharing tool as it handles the full process in one system: allowing users to easily find resources beyond the library’s collection in Primo, and for staff to manage the entire process including fulfillment, lending, borrowing and analytics  – all from within their existing Alma platform.

Forward looking – Rapido is built looking at future needs – not just existing ones. It already supports both returnables and document delivery, and we are working on two additional initiatives for Controlled Digital Lending and ebook lending (jointly with the EBC ebook lending pilot).