Resource sharing
through collaboration

Rapido is more than a revolutionary platform which improves resource sharing for users and staff – it also creates new sharing options for libraries allowing every institution to easily benefit from partner collections.
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Freedom to choose

An open resource sharing platform – Rapido is built with openness in mind, allowing partner libraries to share resources with any institute they want regardless of the system the other library uses. Rapido supports ISO 18626 and NCIP and easily integrates with any broker solution that supports these protocols.

What you like with who you like – Rapido allows libraries to decide with which networks and institutions they want to conduct resources sharing and choose what materials they share. For example, you can set all your inventory as lendable within your consortia but restrict specific material for other libraries. This is done in simple steps without requiring complex customizations.


RapidILL embedded within Rapido

Leveraging a Large Worldwide Community – The RapidILL community is a vibrant global network that includes over 500 interlibrary loan partners.  Rapido customers benefit from joining this large community for their document delivery needs which are fulfilled on average in less than 12 hours.

RapidILL is the document delivery foundation – For existing RapidILL customers, document delivery stays the same. No need to reimplement or learn a new system. Rapido is using a stable, well known solution with advanced features, capable of processing a high number requests, with time-zone awareness, precise holdings records, load balancing and more.


Community first

Built around a resource sharing community – Rapido pods are groups of libraries who agree to the same terms – creating symmetrical relationships. This is an unparalleled capability that lets libraries share with the confidence of getting the same level of service back. Librarians know their colleagues place a high priority on fulfilling their requests because they do exactly the same thing.

Establish terms and benefit from reciprocal lending – Mutual commitments within pods can include high-quality scanning, no transaction fees, delivery time, loan period and more. requests. To avoid overload on specific libraries, Rapido also load balance requests to make sure everyone lends and borrows equally.